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2017 - August

ttn logoAugust, 2017: Welcome to my latest adventure!

Kim Schultz

It doesn't seem possible but summer is coming to a close! I still have a great August planned! Here is to making the most out of life!

"In a Flash" - By Annette Hope Billings

annette hope billings new


Annette Billings





Ronnie Stop

Renee glanced at the clock on her dashboard. It read 7:27.

“Good,” she said out loud although she was alone in her car.

She had purposely set all the clocks in her life ten minutes ahead. She thought it might be a good strategy to meet the challenge punctuality presented to her. It didn’t help. In fact, knowing she had ten more minutes in any given situation slowed her down even more.

This morning was different though and she was pleased to be ahead of schedule. It would give her plenty of time to make her stop and still get to work on time. Oddly, it was the addition of the stop to her commute that improved her time management. It was her “Ronnie Stop.” Ronnie was Sargent Ronald H. Johnson, US Army, retired. He was a panhandler who’d staked claim to one of the corners of an intersection she drove through every morning.

She didn’t like feeling rushed when she stopped to talk to Ronnie. Their visits were never long, ten minutes max, but her days were substantially better if her time with him didn’t feel hurried. Interacting with Ronnie was not always something she sought. On the contrary, she initially saw him as just one of the increasing number of seemingly homeless people that lined her route to her job. Their numbers worried her, but what worried her more were what she imagined they would buy with any money she gave them. She didn’t want to pay for their alcohol or drug or cigarettes. Besides, she reasoned, she couldn’t help them all, so it was easier to avert her gaze and drive by them all.

Ronnie had garnered her attention because of the traffic light at his particular corner. No matter how she timed it, the light invariably turned red as she approached. This meant she had to sit through the entirety of the red light with him standing on the corner mere feet from her driver door. She would keep her face forward, so as not to make eye contact with him. But she could still see him in her peripheral vision. What she saw was that he greeted her and every passing car the same way. He would smile, wave and then stand at attention and execute a crisp military salute. Renee was no expert on military salutes, but his looked impressive and authentic. The sign he held was neatly-lettered and, if true, he was “a homeless Army veteran going through hard times but still very much in love with the US of A!”

It wasn’t any one thing that wore down Renee’s refusal to acknowledge Ronnie.

She passed by him five days a week over several month’s time. He was there every day with his smile, his wave and his salute. He was a given in her life—one of very few. The one morning he wasn’t there after a severe storm, she was caught off guard to find herself worried about him. She was equally surprised by the relief she felt when he was there the next morning. It was futile to deny it. She had come to see him as a person.

The morning after this realization, she rolled down her window when she approached his corner and said a hurried hello to him.

His response, a sunny, “Good morning, Ma’am!”

What began as an exchange of simple greetings morphed into conversations held during the course of waiting for the light to turn green. Then inexplicably, she began pulling into the parking lot close to where he stood and talking to him until she had to scurry to work. At first, conversation were through a slightly cracked window with her door locked. But the morning she brought him a coffee, she had to roll her window down at least enough to hand it to him.

The genuineness of his “Thanks, Ma’am” eased her fears. He becomes a daily stop.

This morning, she brought Ronnie a sweet roll, an apple, beef jerky and a tall cup of coffee. The coffee was made to his liking—three sugars, no cream. The first time she’d asked how he took his coffee, he had grinned.

“I like my coffee just like I like my women—hot, black and sweet.”

He had immediate second thoughts about what he said. His grin was replaced by a worried expression as he tried to gauge Renee’s response.

“Ma’am,” he stuttered, “I-I sure hope that didn’t offend you any. I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just trying to be funny.”

Renee laughed. “No offense taken, Ronnie. Besides, I think I meet two of your three criteria for women and coffee. But the sweet part is only a certainty if I’d had my coffee.” His face relaxed and they both laughed.


She pulled into the parking lot and handed him the sack of food. His self-admitted sweet tooth made him pull out the sweet roll first.

“Thank you so much, Can I share half of this with you?” he asked.


“No thank you, Ronnie, she answered, “I ate at home. You go ahead.”                                                                                          

She tried not to be obvious about it, but she enjoyed watching him eat and drink. He took his time and savored everything. He ate half of the sweet roll and folded the wrapper over the rest of it. That and the apple would be his lunch. The jerky would be supper.

“Ma’am he said wiping his mouth, “I know you have to get to work pretty quick, but I want you know I’ll be leaving town soon.” Renee’s heart fell. “I need to be heading south before it gets cold here. Kansas is not where you want to be homeless in the winter.”

Renee swallowed and forced a smile. “I understand, Ronnie. Promise me you’ll be careful?”

“Thank you, Ma’am. “Careful” is my middle name.” He reached into his shirt and pulled out a small box. “I have a going away present for you.”

Renee looked at the box and then at him him questioningly. He held the box out toward her.

She shook her head. “I can’t take anything from you, Ronnie. Besides you’re the one going away.”

“But, Ma’am, I have it to give.” He pressed the box into her hand. “Go ahead, please open it.”

She opened the small, white box slowly. It held a silver bracelet –a circle of interlocking butterflies. The shine on it made good use of the morning light.

“Oh, Ronnie.”

He grinned at her, “I’ve noticed the jewelry you wear looks silver so I figured you’d like it. I won it last year playing poker. The guy had been a jeweler before he lost everything. It’s real silver. There’s been times I’ve been close to needing to pawn it, but I’ve held onto it. I wanted to save it to give it to someone kind.”

Renee turned the bracelet over in her hands thinking about how many meals that bracelet could have bought him.

“Ronnie, really, I can’t take this.” She looked away from him and sighed. “Before that day I stopped and said hello to you, do you know how many mornings I just drove past you, ignoring you?”

“Yes, Ma’am, he answered, “twenty-seven.” He smiled. “I counted. You drove by me without so much as a glance twenty-seven times before you stopped.” Renee was puzzled. “Your personalized tag,” he explained, “is BUTRFLY. You sort of stand out.” They both laughed.

She needed to head to work, but before she left  she asked if she could hug him.

“No, Ma’am,” was his answer. “No offense, but I don’t want to be reminded how if feels to be hugged. That would make me miss it again.” Renee felt her eyes well up. “You better go now. You don’t wan’t to be late for work.”

She nodded, too close to crying to speak, and got in her car.

“See you tomorrow, Ronnie?” His answer was to smile and salute her.

When she drove by the next morning, he was not there. Someone else had taken his spot—a woman with a small dog. Renee’s old urge to gun her car through the intersection to beat the red light was thwarted by the sight of the silver bracelet on her right wrist. As the light went from orange to red, she slowed. She lowered her window and stopped when she was close to the woman.

“Good morning,” she said kindly.


Kim's Excellent Adventures

Kansas City Royals - I attened my first double header! Going to one game in a day can be fun, but getting there at 9am and leaving at 10:30 pm was pretty cool. Tom, Pete and I purchased a two game pack, packed up the car and spent the day at the K! We had a great time! Then a couple weeks later, Tom, Ryan and Mark and I went to another game.Going to the games are so much fun!

 Royal A 1

Kansas City Royals - It was weird actually going really early and tailgating for a Saturday evening game. My friends Tom, Mark and Ryan all went with me. We grabbed some Gates BBQ and headed to the K. It was a fun night with the guys!

Royals B 3  Royals B 3  Royals B 3Royals B 3

Kolton's Birthday - I rarely get to spend this day with him but this year it fell on a Monday so him and I went to the pool. We had a blast!!

Kolton 2     Kolton 2

Fourth of July: Doesn't seem right when it falls on a Tuesday but the Collin's Park parade was still awesome! After the parade, I just went home. I did get to hang out with Kolton and Jason for awhile!

4th July 1  4th July 1  4th July 1  4th July 1  4th July 1

Teaching Kolton to Swim:  So Kolton joined me at my friend's house to swim. He started out with his life jacket on but then wanted to try to learn how to swim on his own. So we took the life jacket off and I gave him some basic swim rules and by the end of the day, we was swimming like a fish. Check out his videos below!

Swimming 1


Kiki Delievery Service - The Movie- This is one of my favorite movies and Regal was actually going to show it on the big screen. Chelsea and I purchased our tickets and got to the theatre early to get a good seat. Unfortunately, they couldn't get the projector to work so we just got refunds and free movie tickets. We were not the only ones that were sad, there were at least 50 others that wanted to see Kiki on the big screen.

 Kiki 1

Dinner with my friend Mike- Mike works a lot but when we can both find a night, we like to grab dinner. This time we met in Lawrence. He lives in Kansas City so we met in the middle. We went to eat at the Burger Stand in Lawrence. I like the one in Topeka so I thought we would give this one a try! It was really good. They do not offer a teachers discount on Wednesday night though. That was sort of a bummer but they were very busy so they don't really need to.

Mike Dinner

Meetings - Yes, I am having meetings. I hope to find some supporters and collaborators to help keep this website going. I am sort of tired of working for free!       

Talk About Topeka - Is back!! Now recorded in front of a live studio audience in the Break Room! Continuing our mission to help the city of Topeka as much as possible!

Ultimate Camping Trip - I can't believe our camping trip is over! I always look forward to seeing my lake family and spending time on the water! This year we had a blast. Friday night we cooked hot dogs on our campfire, Saturday we spend the day on the lake and for dinner, I made a taco bar. Sunday, I got up and Cyndi and I made breakfast, we packed and then headed back out on the water! The weather was perfect and we got to sleep in the camper again! I really love my time at the lake and add camping just makes it better!      

 Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1

Ice Cream and Food Truck tacos- What a special treat to find this yummy food truck at the ice cream store. We grabbed some street tacos and then headed in to get some homemade ice cream. Tom wanted to try the Burnt Ends & Sauce ice cream. I was not that adventurous!

Four out of Four Stars Four out of Four Stars Four out of Four Stars




Neighborhood News: REALTOR® Robin style

Robin Bonsall


Robin M. Bonsall
Coldwell Banker Griffith & Blair
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
In 2011, my husband was in a pretty crazy car accident. He was t-boned at an awful, recently re-designed intersection at 29th & Fairlawn in Topeka. Our car was pretty much totaled. Graham had injuries but, for the most part, he was OK and didn’t want to go to the hospital. Here’s what happened:
It was just after 5pm on a Wednesday. I called our insurance guy when I got to the scene but since it was after 5pm, his office was closed and I guess the “after hours” hotline couldn’t do much about our “liability only” situation after 5pm. No one was seriously injured…and a tow truck was already there, so… We decided to just follow the tow truck home and call our insurance guy in the morning. Boy, was the next hour an eye opening situation.
I recall getting an “icky” vibe from the tow truck driver when we were leaving the accident but I didn’t have much tow truck experience and my emotions were everywhere so I shrugged it.
When we got to our house, he said we owed him $150 for the tow. We didn’t have $150. He didn’t take checks. He said if he had to take it to impound, it would cost several hundred dollars afterward.
Our insurance guy wasn’t easily available.
Graham was worn out.
I was just glad Graham was alive!
So, when the tow truck driver asked if we had a car payment, and when we said, “No, we own it,” and when he said we could just sign the car title over and he would take the car away, no cost to us…we were so mentally broken, we just did it. Burden averted.

Later on, our parents and insurance guy told us we were taken advantage of. We learned that this is a tactic that the sneaky variety of tow truck driver uses when the right opportunity presents itself. Selling our wrecked car for scrap got this tow truck man some extra cash.
Things could have been way worse. We weren’t going to fix it anyway. So…it is what it is. We had no idea that tactic was even “a thing” until it happened to us.

Recently, family came to visit us from the Baton Rouge, LA area. One year ago this month, their community experienced a massive flood. Our family only had a few inches of flood water in their home and since their home was NOT in a flood plain and since flood insurance isn’t required when you’re not in a flood zone, insurance didn’t apply in their situation. A set of their friends experienced a situation where insurance offered a settlement but their mortgage company convinced these home owners to use that money to pay off their mortgage balance. So, thinking they were doing the right thing, they paid off their mortgage. Now, they have no resources to actually fix their damaged house. Sadly, this is not uncommon to the general Baton Rouge population. There are currently hundreds of houses for sale, in “As Is” condition, because insurance does what insurance does. These home owners can’t live in their houses and they can’t sell their damaged property to FHA buyers and 1st time home owners. Cash is pretty much the only way to purchase property like that. And FEMA assisted by replacing 1 toilet, each, in hundreds of homes and then by leaving the old toilets for the home owners to figure out how to dispose of.
In Kansas, there’s talk of earthquake insurance being an option in the near future. There’s also talk that insurance coverage may exclude earthquakes caused by human activity; such as fracking methods used to extract natural gas from the earth. And since Kansans are allowing more natural gas wells and pipelines on our agricultural landscape, we should expect to experience earthquake activity more frequently from here on out.

I get the impression that most of us are seeking a quality of life; where we contribute to, and participate in, our communities in meaningful ways. Insurance is something which is required in our American culture. History and personal experience reminds me that insurance was created to protect savvy investors…not necessarily the “little guys” paying for the insurance coverage. Therefore, common sense tells me it’s my personal responsibility to fully understand what insurance coverage truly means for my family and me.

Home insurance coverage changes if you:
Are (or are not) in a flood zone
Have a swimming pool
Have a fireplace
Have an older roof
Choose a higher deductible, etc.
If you’ve recently thought about looking into new insurance providers, let me know if you’d like to chat with mine. My husband and I switched to a savvy local insurance agent when we bought our home. Whatever storm we need to weather next, she says we can text her cell directly. :)
No one can predict the future and there’s a whole lot of stuff that is out of our control. We can, however, do our best to be cognizant of potential threats, plan accordingly, and seek advice from trusted professionals who also contribute to our communities in purposeful ways.
Know your trusted professionals and seek their advice whenever possible. Also, 2nd opinions are highly recommended.

Robin M. Bonsall
Mommy/REALTOR®/Actress with
Coldwell Banker Griffith & Blair
Text: (785) 817-6649
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Financially Fit Life Offers Real Abundance

Desmond Henry


A Financially Fit Life Offers Real Abundance




About the Author:

Desmond Henry is a fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner & founder of Afflora Financial Life Planning in Topeka, Kansas that specializes in working with independent women, millennial HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet), & the retiring/retired to improve their financial lives.

Desmond has been quoted in U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! News,, TK Business Magazine, & recognized as one of Topeka’s ‘Top 20 Under 40 Business Leaders’.

Social Security: When Should You Claim Yours?



You've paid into Social Security for years, and now you're finally reaching the age at which you can start collecting your hard-earned benefits. But when should you begin? 


Are you better off filing for Social Security benefits as soon as you hit age 62, waiting until your full retirement age, or holding off even longer?


Deciding when to start your Social Security benefits is one of the most important retirement decisions you'll make. Here are some factors to consider.


When is the best time to take Social Security benefits?


The decision of whether to delay Social Security benefits is a trade-off: give up benefits now, in exchange for higher payments in the future. If the higher payments are received for enough years, the retiree can more than recover the benefits passed up on.

Those who qualify for a Social Security retirement benefit can apply as early as age 62 with their maximum benefit available at age 70. Age 62 remains the most prevalent age at which people apply for benefits. However, waiting a few years can really add up.

For those who don’t yet want or need their Social Security retirement benefits at full retirement age, the Social Security system allows individuals to delay their benefits and earn an 8%/year “delayed retirement credit”instead.


Social Security Benefit Grows 8% A Year If You Delay

Your Full Retirement Age (FRA) is important as this is the age at which you become eligible for a full (or unreduced) benefit. This is also the age at which there are no benefit reductions based on the amount of earned income (income from employment) you make.


Birth Year

Full Retirement Age




66 and 2 months


66 and 4 months


66 and 6 months


66 and 8 months


66 and 10 months

1960 and later


 Waiting until age 70 allows you to claim the maximum benefit possible, there are no increases by waiting past age 70 to claim your benefit.


In an ideal world, everyone would wait until age 70 to claim their benefit. But that isn’t always the right choice. While we can’t predict how long we will live, if you don’t have a history of longevity in your family or if you are suffering from an illness that you feel might shorten your life expectancy, it can make sense to take your benefit as early as age 62. The break-even point, in terms of lifetime benefits received, between filing at age 62 and waiting until your FRA is generally somewhere in you late 70s. In other words, if you live past your late 70s, you would be better off waiting to claim until your FRA. If you don’t, you’d receive more money by claiming earlier. The break-even for waiting until age 70 is generally your mid 80s.


If you claim your benefit prior to your full retirement age, you could be subject to a reduction in the amount of your benefit if your income is too high. While you eventually will receive payment for any reduced benefits, why file early if you are in this situation? Your current benefit is reduced and your lifetime benefits are permanently reduced as well.


Age Employment Income Considerations
Under Full Retirement Age $16,920 For every $2 over the limit, $1 is withheld from benefits
In the calendar year Full Retirement Age is reached $44,880 For every $3 over the limit, $1 is withheld from benefits until the month in which Full Retirement Age is reached
At Full Retirement Age or older No Limit None


*** It's important to note that earned income is defined as income from work vs interest or investment income.


Uncle Sam Holding A Bag With Taxes  Written On It



Social Security benefits may be subject to federal income taxes based upon your income level. There are no age limits on the taxability of benefits. Benefits are not subject to state income taxes, EXCEPT in 13 states including Kansas. For most people, your income from employment will generally go down at some point as you age. This lowers any potential taxation of your benefits and is another reason to wait as long as possible to claim your benefit.

* If interested in seeing if your Social Security benefits are taxable, CLICK HERE. 



Delaying Social Security impacts not only the retirement benefit, but the survivor benefit too! In the case of a married couple, the likely impact of delaying Social Security benefits can be even more favorable. The reason is that with a married couple, when one person passes away, the survivor is eligible for a widow(er) benefit equal to 100% of the deceased spouse’s retirement payments. Which means the decision to begin retirement benefits early or delay them late impacts not only the size of the retiree’s own benefit, but the size of the survivor benefit that will be payable to a spouse as well.

Thus, the benefit of delaying retirement benefits as the member of a married couple is that the higher benefit will be payable for the life of the retiree, and the lifetime of the survivor if the retiree passes away first. In other words, as long as either member of the couple lives long enough to see the breakeven period, it pays to have delayed – either in the form of a higher (delayed) retirement benefit, or a higher survivor benefit based on that delayed retirement benefit! Which means the odds of reaching the breakeven period for a couple increase significantly, as it’s no longer based on the life expectancy of the retiree, but instead on the joint life expectancy of the coupleinstead!



Social Security is a key part of retirement income for those who are eligible for a benefit. Deciding when to claim your benefit is critical, the wrong decision can be costly. I specialize in helping retirees coordinate the timing of their Social Security benefits. If you'd like to discuss your situation, please give me a call at (785) 256-9150 or schedule your FREE initial consultation here.


Topeka City of Character

Topeka City of Character


Sponsored by Topeka Capital Journal


August – Courage

confidence to say or do what is true, right and just







Keith the Critic

Keith VansickleKeith the Critic







This movie is based off of true events that occurred in Dunkirk, France during World War II.  The film covers the events from three angles:  on land, by sea, and in the air.  The Germans have trapped thousands upon thousands of British and French troops on the shores of Dunkirk.  The soldiers attempt to evacuate by sea, but the German fighter planes continue to fire on the ships and the troops trapped on shore.

As the British planes fight back, help is enlisted from smaller private boats owned by the British citizens.   One such boat is owned by Mr. Dawson who is played by Mark Rylance.  He and his son Peter head out to  help.

I think this is one of the best films I"ve seen all year.  Christopher Nolan did an  awesome job directing this movie.  It was visually appealing and had a great script.   I believe Christopher Nolan is a genius.  He brings out the best in every movie he does and is one of my favorite directors.  The acting was great and overall it's just fantastic.  I was caught at the beginning and was never bored.  I gave this movie 4 out of 4 stars.  

Four out of Four Stars

The House

The House

Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler star as husband and wife Scott and Kate.  Their daughter, Alex, who is played by Ryan Simpkins, is about to go away to college.  But Scott and Kate cannot afford it. When their friend, Frank, played by Jason Mantzoukas, suggests they open a casino in their house to raise the money, they agree.

This movie is Will Ferrell's and Amy Poehler's worst movie - not due to their acting but due to the poor story line, wasted comedic opportunities, and bad direction.  It's not worth your time so I'm giving it 1/2 star out of 4.  It sucked.  

Captain Underpants 2Captain Underpants:  The First Epic Movie

This animated movie is based off the children's novel by Dav Pilkey.  Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch voice the characters George and Harold who are high school friends and big pranksters.  After one trouble-causing prank, their principal, Mr. Krupp, who is voiced by Ed Helms, decides he needs to separate the two.  The boys decide to hypnotize Mr. Krupp and turn  him into Captain Underpants who fights crime wearing only his underwear and a cape.  

This is one of the funniest animated features I've seen all year.  Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, and Thomas Middleditch were hilarious.  This is a movie for the whole family.  It's well written, well directed, and the animation is terrific.  There's even a character named Professor Pee-Pee Diarrheastein Poopypants to add to the humor.  I gave this movie 3 1/2 stars.

Despicable Me 3Despicable Me 3

This latest Minion movie focuses on Felonious Gru who is voiced by Steve Carell.  Gru and his wife, Lucy, voiced by Kristen Wiig, are agents for the Anti-Villain League who are charged with stopping supervillain Balthazar Bratt who is voiced by Trey Parker.  When they failt to stop Bratt from stealing a high profile diamond, they are fired.  Gru then learns that he has a twin brother Dru, whose life is very different from his.  Dru has money and lots of it.  

The Minions leave Gru after he refuses to again become a villain himself and they are soon arrested after wreaking havoc at a talent show.

This movie is not as good as the previous two.  Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, and Trey Parker were terrific but the storyline was lacking and should have included more of the Minions.  The funniest scenes included the Minions but these were few.  Sadly, I can only give this movie 2 stars.  


The Book of HenryThe Book of Henry

Henry, who is played by Jaeden Lieberher, is a child genius who manages all of his mother's finances and keeps the family going.  His mother, Susan, who is played by Naomi Watts, is a single mom working as a waitress and is very dependent on Henry.    His brother, Peter, is also relies on Henry to be his protector since Peter is often bullied at school.  

Henry takes an interest in the neighbor girl, Christina, who lives with her adopted father who is also the chief of police.  Soon Henry realizes that Christina is being abused, but you need solid proof if you are going to accuse the town's top law enforcement officer.  

I absolutely hated every scene in this movie.  There were about four different stories going on at different times and none of them could go deep enough to tell a complete tale.  Naomi Watts was great but the script and direction were not.  I only give this movie 1/2 star ot of 4.  It's just so bad.  


Transformers:  The Last KnightTransformers The last Knight

This fifth movie in the Transformers franchise features a world where transformers are to be destroyed and are hunted down by the TRF - Transformer Reaction Force.  Optimus Prime has returned to Cybertron to find his creator.  Cade Yeager, who is again played by Mark Wahlberg, tries to save a transformer named Canopy after he is attacked by the TRF.   As Canopy is dying, he gives Cade a talisman, which had been owned by the twelve transformer knights.  

Optimus Prime meets Quintessa, who is a sorceress on Cybertron.  She convinces Optimus that she is his maker.  Quintessa puts Optimus under her control and convinces him to join Megatron in destroying earth and finding the wizard Merlin's staff that has been hidden for centuries.

I didn't like any of the previous movies and I didn't care for this one either.  It's directed by Michael Bay which didn't help at all since he should stick to visual effects.  Mark Wahlberg and the other actors had little to work with.  It is slightly better than the prior four so I'll raise my rating from 1/2 star to 1 star.  It is visually appealing but don't waste your money.  


The View from My NOTO Studio

Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

View from my Studio  8

Barbara Waterman-Peters

Looking out my studio window before I begin uncovering my palette, opening my jar of medium and selecting a brush, I am grateful for the cool temperature in my environment.  In addition, I am thankful for the positive energy in STUDIO 831 which generates so much creativity. Works in progress by a number of our artists await completion, some of which are destined for exhibits in the region. Currently, I am finishing another group of paintings in my “Ship of Fools” series for a show in Wichita.

August is traditionally a month when the art world takes a breather, but that is not the case in NOTO or the art scene in Topeka! In fact, we are gearing up with new exhibits and excitement! A sister gallery, Haven Arts, has now moved to a street level location in NOTO and is called The Hive. The NOTO Plein Air Project is in progress!


Lois VanLiew’s new show will open on First Friday, August 4 from 4:00-8:30 and we will be hosting Dennis Etzel’s book launch/poetry reading the same evening at 7:00! Music may be accompanying part of the festivities as well!

Barb AugustLois VanLiew is our Featured Artist for August at STUDIO 831

One Moment in Time

“Every historical ‘moment in time’ has had a specific and unique focus, especially with fashion. A large part of this exhibit features the current fashion trends of tattoos, rainbow hair colors and body piercings. Other inspirations came from a Kentucky Derby party this spring and still others from Dia de Los Muertos celebrations here in NOTO.”

These colorful works are a statement about trends and culture, but they are also a visual delight. Come see them on First Friday, August 4 from 4:00-8:30 PM or by appointment at 785-224-5728.

We are honored to be hosting Dennis Etzel, Jr. from 7:00-9:00 PM on the same evening for a book release party to celebrate This Removed Utopia as part of the Kaw Valley Poetry Series by Spartan Press. Guest readers will be Joe Harrington and Margy Stewart. Bring a poem for the open-mic session!  





Sports & Recreation



The Archery Club

598 SE 97th St, Wakarusa, KS 66546




Capital City Crushers

Capital City Crushers



Golden Giants



Topeka Train Robbers



Heartland Park

Heartland Park Topeka



Ravenwood Lodge

Ravenwood Lodge



 Sunflower State Games

Sunflower State Games


Topeka Roadrunners

Topeka Roadrunners Hockey


Washburn University



Farmer's Markets

Downtown Market


Day: Open Every Saturday April - Nov
Time: 7:30AM Until noon.
Location:12th and Harrison, South of the Judicial Building.

Market Manager:
Betty Lane - 785-249-4704

Opens April 8th  - Nov 2017

Capital City Market

 Held in Topeka every Wednesday May 10 - October 18, 2017 from 7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. on the south side of the Capitol along 10th Avenue

Monday Farmer's Market

Farmers Market


7-11:30 am

Mondays until October 9th 2017

Things you should know.. Dillons' Fuel Points

Kim Schultz

I would like to begin with, I like shopping at Dillons. I also understand that a businesses first priority is to make a profit. While making a profit, they provide many different services and gimmicks to entice consumers to shop at their stores. One of the biggest gimmicks are their fuel points. The more you buy, the more fuel points you can earn. They even run other deals where these points can be doubled and even quadrupled, depending on the product.

How these points work.

1. Spend money and earn points. EASY!

You can earn unlimited points during the month.

2. Using your points.

Here is where fuel points get tricky.

They only allow you to spend 1000 points maximum at a time. ($1.00/gallon) This makes sense.

You have until the end of the month after you earn the points to use them. This too appears to make sense.

The points you earn in July expire in August. This means that they keep track of two months of fuel points.


July you earn 1000 fuel points.  One Aug 1 you should have 1000 fuel points and then you start accruing points from August for September. This however is not always true. You might get to August and have no points. You are confused. Many customers get mad at your kids or husband/wife for using all your points. You might actully be the reason, there are no points.

Dillons doesn't necessarily use the current month points that expire soon. When you scan your card and points appear, their system brings up the month with the most points.

July you earned 1000 fuel points

As of Aug 25th you have spent 600 July fuel points - this leaves you 400 fuel points.

August 25th you have already earned 500 fuel points for Sept.

On Aug 25th, you get gas and it shows that you have 500 fuel points. You choose to use them all and go on with your day. You take a trip and when you come back you go to get gas, on Sept 3rd, and you have no fuel points.  On August 25th you had 400 fuel points and 500 fuel points. That totals 900 fuel points. You used 500 so you should still have 400?

Here is why you don't.

Dillons does not combine months. However when you go to the pump, the computer brings up the month with the most points. If you use more points then the current month, those points are deducted from the next month and NOT the month that will expire. Some people won't have a problem with this. I however do have a BIG problem with this.

I earn my points to use throughout the month. I try to earn as many as I can, by only shopping at Dillons and taking advantage of the options to double and quadruple my points. I don't go so I can spend money and them can take my points.

Why are they not spending the most current points first? If you have a smart phone, you can use their app to see how many points you have but not everyone has a smart phone. Some have smart phones but don't really know how to use them for these types of things. Some have smart phones that require WIFI.

If I have 400 fuel points left in July, I believe my first option should be to use those points. If I want to see August points, there should be an option that says, see next months points. I don't believe that as a consumer, I should have to continually know my points balance for each month. I find this customer UNfriendly.

My Story

On July 25th, I went to Dillons to get gas. I knew that it was the final time in July that I would be getting gas so when it asked me if I wanted to use 500 points, I selected yes. I wanted to use all the points left in July that I has earned in June.

July 26th, I went to purchase a Regal Gift card to buy movie tickets and I was told I had 400 points to use by Monday. This can't be right, I just got gas and used all my points and I know that I have spent more than $198 in July.  Heck, I had just purchased an $80 gift card which gave me 160 of the 198 points that they show for August. I called the store and they informed me that when I selected 500 points the day before that those points came from my soon to be August points and that I still had 400 points in July. Now, I get that businesses are sometimes sneaky when they use their "Gimmicks."  This however is something I felt that everyone needs to be aware of. I guess Dillons expects their customers to not only pick their stores and buy their products to earn points, they also expect us to do more work to use the points. If I had only spent 400 of the 500 points they offered me, they would have taken those from July and not August. I picked 500 so they took them all from August.

I can't Imagine:

I can't imagine how many people, who don't have or can't afford cell phones, have lost points. They are probably the ones that could really use the savings. I know that in the month of August, I don't have to get my gas at Dillons, since they took my points. I should have had about 700 points to spend and after I do the survey, I will now only have 200.  I spent time trying to earn as many points as I could, just for them to be taken away. Fuel points are not free, I make my list, I scan through their coupons, I drive to the store, I shop, I spend money and now in all my extra free time, I need to keep track of my fuel points.

So before you use your fuel points, know the balance and make sure they don't have the chance to expire. You have earned those points and deserve to use them all. If you don't have the app or a smart phone, make sure to keep your Dillon reciepts because they will show you the balance for each month. This can be a good/quick reference for some.

Earning the most fuel points:

Always fill out the survey, that gives you 50 points.

When you go shopping at the end of the month, review your points. If you have 798 points, you should buy something for $2 so you don't loose the 98 points. They do not round the points. If you are at 745 points, do your survey in the next month since it won't get you to 800. They offer us these deals, we need to know how to benefit from them as best as possible.

Behind the scenes:

Just like any gimmick stores keep track of how many fuel points they issue but they don't care about how many are actually used. This once again goes back to sales at each store. The corporate level recieves tax write offs to help the bottom line. So we all benefit from fuel points.

Even more helpful information:

Fraud is big when it comes to anything fun! This also is true with a Dillons rewards card. Help keep your card safe. You can either use your card or an alternate number. When I signed up, they suggested that this number be my phone number. This means that anyone that knows my phone number, can go to Dillons and use my points. This alternate number can be changed online just like a password. I suggest that if you used your cell phone number and other have that number, you might want to change your alternate number to something else. You can change this number as often as you want on your online account.

Address: Did you know that they will link the same address to your account? If you move, make sure to change your Dillons profile to the new address because the people who move into your old address might get attached to your card and they could use your points or you use their points.

This is not the first time Dillons has heard about this complaint, yet they still keep their system the same and customers keep loosing their points.

I will not stop shopping at Dillons, I will however make sure to not loose any more fuel points in the future.

This is not the first time Dillons has heard about this complaint, yet they still keep their system the same and customers keep loosing their points.

Always keeping you connected!


PS. If you find that you have lost your points you can call the customer service at your local Dillons or call 1-800-362-2813 and see if they can help you!

I want to thank Chad Schmitz for his help with this blog, he worked at Dillons for 13 years and 5 of those were spent in the fuel center. His insight was quite educational. Chad is an aspiring writer/copywriter. You can follow Chad on Facebook and LinkedIn

Update: 7/30/17

I made a call to the 800 number and was disconnected. A friend of mine that works in customer service told me to call her and she would help fix the problem. I called and she reveiwed my account and was able to give me 400 points back to my August account. They can only add 200 points a day. The 800 number could have given more, but it makes you listen to many notices and changes before you can speak to someone. I hope that this page helps other understand how these points work and do not loose any in the future!!


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We are committed to cooking, serving and pouring food and beverage that is delicious, homemade (whenever possible) and fairly priced.

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Our Floral Artist specializes in Weddings, Special Occasions, Events and Bereavement. Stop in to see our store...we have fresh flowers, plants and gifts.

Ruths Floral

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Pizzeria Via Family Dining offers hand crafted and stone baked pizza, salads, grinders, wraps, wings and we also serve a variety of alcoholic beverages.


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After years in the event services industry, BrightStar founder Nick Holmes saw its challenges and wanted to create a different kind of event company. After years of hearing about what’s most important to brides from years of bridal shows and weddings, Nick built BrightStar to focus on what matters most.

  • Service and expertise. We’ve seen hundreds of special events and spoken with even more brides and brides-to-be. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and help you navigate the journey to your special day.
  • The extra mile. Sure, we help execute hundreds of events every year. But we know that every one of them could be someone’s event of a lifetime. We take that responsibility very seriously. That means we do what it takes to nail your event.
  • Great execution. Our team is good at what they do. We guarantee your satisfaction.


Interior Design Resources

2109 SW Belle 478-5706

Interior Design Resources Provides Interior Design, Design Services, Cabinets, Flooring Materials, Window Treatments, Countertops And Furniture To The Topeka, KS Area.


Culligan Water

3116 SW 29th Street. Topeka Kansas 66614..

Bottled Water/Coolers for your business or home, Water softeners and Bottle free water coolers and Reverse Osmosis Drinking water systems.. 8:30AM till 5PM MOnday thru Friday.. 785-350-2551.

Free drinking water fillups. Bring your jugs and we will fill them for FREE! 5 Gallon limit per customer.


create\uplift is a multimedia company based in Northeastern Kansas and services Topeka, Lawrence, Kansas City and beyond. We provide professional photography, videography, graphic design, website development, interactive marketing, and creative consulting to brands and businesses. Since 2015 we have operated from our workspace in Downtown Topeka, located in the collaborative makerspace, 712 Innovations.
Topeka Pizza
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Delivery and Takeout! Topeka Pizza is coming this July, right across from Lowes
Grandpa Rich's Pork
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Fuzzy Tacos - Coming Soon
Old Team Sporting Goods building
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Midwest Float

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Suite 110
Topeka, KS 66614



New Coffee Shop

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The Healthcare Resort

6300 SW 6th Ave.

Topeka, KS 66615


The Healthcare Resort of Topeka is changing the way that healthcare is being delivered to the Topeka Metropolitan Area. With the fusion of world-class healthcare and personalized hospitality, you encounter an experience that is truly unique and memorable.


IHOP coming soon to North Topeka

551 NW US Highway 24


Colaw Fitness

Colaw Fitness

1935 S.W. Westport Drive

Coming Soon All Star Team

I would like to introduce you to my 2017 All Star Team

My team is made up of amazing people who live and work in Topeka! They are sure to add some fun and knoweledge to The Topeka Newsletter!


Desmond Henry Desmond Henry - Afflora Financial Life Planning

A Financially Fit Life Offers Real Abundance

Desmond Henry is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™& founder of Afflora Financial Life Planning, a fee-only financial planning firm in Topeka, Kansas that specializes in working with women, retirees, & clients in their 20s & 30s. Desmond has been quoted in U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! News, TK Business Magazine, & recognized as one of Topeka’s ‘Top 20 Under 40 Business Leaders’.



 annette hope billings new Annette Billings - Author/Writer

"In a Flash" - By Annette Hope Billings

Annette Hope Billings is a Topeka ArtsConnect Arty award-winning poet dubbed by her fans as "Maya of the Midwest." Her body of work includes poetry, short stories and plays. A nurse for decades before becoming a full-time writer, her deep penchant for caring comes through clearly in her writing. Her previous books include "A Net Full of Hope" (2015) and her recently published, "Descants for a Daughter." Her work has also been included in several anthologies of poetry and short stories. Website: @annettebilling3Amazon:





 Robin Bonsall

Robin Bonsall - Realtor/Actor/Wife/Mom

Neighborhood News: REALTOR® Robin style

About Realtor Robin

Robin is a born and raised Topekan who, as a youth, always thought she'd go far, far away from Kansas.  As an adult, Robin has discovered so many wonderful things about this community that make her proud to be rooted in Topeka. :)  Ever the performer, Robin spends a fair amount of "free time" volunteering on-stage, backstage, and in other capacities with Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy and with the Ad Astra Theatre Ensemble, a budding grassroots theatre company in the area.  When theatre isn't consuming her free time, Robin enjoys family bike rides, pretending to garden, singing lullabies to her babe, doing laundry (does one really enjoy this?) and supporting her husband in his hobby: UAV & Drone building!  There is never a dull moment in the Bonsall household. :)

Robin and her husband, Graham, have been blissfully married since August of 2009.  In 2013, they successfully brought a tiny human into the world. He has been terrorizing the family chihuahua, Joplin, and changing Robin & Graham's view of "the world" ever since.


Chris Schultz

Chris Schultz - President Tinkham Veale Creative and Founding Partner - Schultz Management, LLC

Being an Entrepreneur

Chris was born and raised in Topeka.  He is a graduate of Shawnee Heights High School and he attended Washburn University where he earned his B.A. in Theatre. In May of 2002, he opened Field Of Greens restaurant in Downtown Topeka. It wasn’t long before his family started getting even more involved in the company, which was the catalyst that grew his dream to include the opening of The Break Room and The Gourmet Cabaret Theater. Chris and his family were recently honored by Topeka Civic Theatre when they were presented with the prestigious Waldo B. Heywood award. In 2011, The Jayhawk Area Council of the Boy Scouts named Chris as one of the 20 Under 40 business leaders in Topeka. Chris is the creator of GabLocal.TV and serves as the President & Executive Producer of its parent company, Tinkham Veale Creative.


Chelsea Howe

Chelsea Ellis - Graphic Designer/Artist

Ampathetic Wannabe

Chelsea Howe is an award winning comic strip artist whose work has been published on a collegiate level. Her work has earned her first place in comics in 2013, second for online comic content in 2014, first place in illustrations in 2015, and second in infographics in 2016 at the Kansas Collegiate Media Conference. She was also the 150th Washburn University Yearbook editor-in-chief which took silver at state in 2016 and also won her the Most Outstanding Student Media Award for her hard work and dedication during Washburn's 2015 Mass Media Banquet. Her graphic design talents know no bounds, from designing play/musical posters and programs for well known local establishments, a jazz concert series and an award winning director, to the posters advertising local Topeka fundraisers, such as the 2014 Downtown Adventure Race Topeka. Her vast versatility extends to privately commissioned local business logos, short notice clip art and page layout for the award winning Washburn Review and Bod Magazine, and graphic assets for the local TV show Talk About Topeka. Her work has also been featured in juried shows at the Mulvane Art Museum.

In 2016, for the beginning of TPACs 25th Anniversary season, she won their public logo competition amongst all other entries and is excited to see all the new shows with her reward of season tickets.

When she's not working on graphic work she can be found exercising, sewing, foam armor crafting, playing Destiny, or catching up on her shows on Netflix.


Kristi Pankratz

Kristi Pankratz - Safe Streets

Cathing Up With Kristi

Kristi Pankratz is the Director of Safe Streets and Prevention Services at Prevention and Recovery Services (PARS) in Topeka. Safe Streets is dedicated to creating a healthier community by addressing crime through prevention education and citizen empowerment. Programs include Neighborhood Watch and National Night Out, among others. Kristi is an experienced public relations administrator who has served the Topeka community in public service roles for the past 15 years. She has a background in public safety, public health and prevention. Prior positions she has held include: spokesperson for the Topeka Police Department, Communications Director for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Community Prevention Specialist for PARS. She is a Topeka native and graduate of Washburn Rural High School, Tabor College in Hillsboro, KS and Washburn University.



Anthony CayAnthony Cay

Owner: Total Fitness Body Zone

Organized Chaos VS Fitness Confusion

I’d like to say I fell into this business, but the reality is this business called me.
I worked at a local gym here in town as a personal trainer in 2011.
I really enjoyed the training aspect of my job and working with people. I just didn’t appreciate how the company mistreated their clients. The lack of listening of clients need and wants. I chose to provide a service that clientele would be able to benefit from physically and still be economically feasible. In August of 2011 Total Fitness Body was born.
The purpose of this company is to promote healthy lifestyles and provide fitness training and nutritional education to all age groups and all fitness levels including beginner, advanced, and or professional. Our focus is on safety first and always. Provide first class training and face to face customer service, the attention to these details have set this company apart from all the rest.

I am a current Sergeant and Combat Medic in the United States Army. I have been an EMT for 11 years and a Certified Personal trainer for 6yrs. I have played all physical sports and have received advanced training in all of them. Some of the sports would include football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, softball, track wrestling and Jiu-jitsu just to name a few.  

So while I will definitely kick your butt with a great workout, I will always keep your safety as my number one priority.  
Weight loss and strength conditioning
Post rehab transitional therapy
Body building
Sport Specific Athletic Training


Tricia Peterson


Tricia Peterson

Experience Restaurants with Tricia

Tricia Peterson is a Kansas native and Washburn University graduate who loves living in Topeka. At Washburn she studied Mass Media and from there began her local food review blog, Tasting Topeka. She grew up north of Topeka in the small town of Mayetta where she graduated from Royal Valley.  Now she owns a small catering company, 2 Chefs Catering and runs her blog from home. Tricia enjoys reading fiction, studying history, going to see live music and writing about food and entertainment.




Barbara Waterman Peters

Barbara Waterman-Peters

The View From my NOTO Studio

Local Artist, Owner: Studio 831 (NOTO)

Barbara Waterman-Peters Barbara Waterman-Peters, (BFA, Washburn University, MFA, Kansas State University, Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts, Washburn University) whose award-winning work is in museum, corporate and private collections, is represented by several galleries. She was a founding member of the Collective Art Gallery (1987-2014) and is a charter member of Circle of 7.  She has shown regionally, nationally and internationally in over 250 solo, invitational and juried exhibitions.  
Waterman-Peters taught at Washburn and Kansas State Universities as well as Lassen Community College in California.  Currently, she writes about art and artists for TOPEKA, LAWRENCE and KANSAS! Magazines. She also writes an “Artist of the Month” online for TOPEKA Magazine.
She has received a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Achievement from the State of Kansas and the Monroe Award from the Washburn University Alumni Association. In 2011 she was awarded the ARTY for Distinguished Visual Artist from ARTSConnect in Topeka.
For many years, Waterman-Peters has been the staff artist for the Andrew and Georgia Neese Gray Theater at Washburn University.
She served on the Quality of Life team for Heartland Visioning part of which then became the original NOTO Board.  In addition, she served as co-chair of the CREATe group, another facet of HV. In 2010 she became the first Core Artist in NOTO, founding STUDIO 831.

Keith Vansickle


Keith Van Sickle

Keith the Critic


I began my career as a film critic nearly 25 years ago, inspired by my first viewing of Star Wars in 1977 at the old Sunset Drive in Lawrence, KS. I continue to wonder how Annie Hall beat Star Wars for best picture that year and demand a re-count!

I got into radio by giving reviews on WIBW radio in Topeka. Later came here to Country Legends 106.9 as not only a film critic, but also Promotions Director and the Morning Show Producer.

Joining forces with Randy Guzman, we created the television show “The Aisle Seat”. The show was very successful and aired on KTWU. We not only discussed movies but also local entertainment and held celebrity interviews. Some of the biggest names I got to interview were: Tom Cruise, Billy Bob Thorton, Will Farrell, and Dakota Fanning.

I’m a certified Batman fanatic, die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, and a true blue KU Jayhawk supporter! In 2005 I started creating the “Slash & Bash Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival” with movie screenings and special guest appearances.

I suffered a series of strokes in February 2010 and a lingering viral infection that landed me in the hospital and several weeks in intensive care, almost costing me my life. After months of recovery at Kansas Rehabilitation Hospital, I regained my ability to speak and write.

West Post

I heard on Saturday of the passing of Adam West. His Batman has been my favorite character all of my life. I got to interview him for Country Legends 106.9 and it was one of the highlights of my career. It was a pleasure and he was kind, down to Earth, and an unequaled family man. He knew of the impact of his work on society and never let his fans down. He will be sorely missed. Thanks Adam for all of the pleasure you have brought to the world.

I will add my stars to the page, as I meet with them! Check back to see who will be helping make this newsletter come alive!





Gab Local


gab local blimp2

Check out the new shows that are being recorded LIVE in the Break Room Studio

Will you stand with us to make Topeka and Shawnee County the safest capital community in the country? Kristi Pankratz from the Safe Streets Coalition tells us all how we can get involved in the mission. And it's our first episode filmed in front of a LIVE audience in our new Downtown studio! Talk About Topeka is back! #TopekaProud

You're invited to a 200th birthday party! The Shawnee County Historical Society will be celebrating John Ritchie on July 16th with ice cream, entertainment, crafters and historical interpretations. Chris Schultz discusses the event with SCHS President George Bernheimer.

2016 Arts Connect - Legacy Arts Award - Topeka Art Guild - TOPEKA ART GUILD

2016 Arts Connect - Literary Arts Award - Leah Sewell

Talk About Topeka - Stephanie Mott & Dan Brennan- Capital City Equality Center The new Capital City Equality Center hopes to reduce suicide numbers for some of our most vulnerable and marginalized local residents. Chris Schultz discusses the new facility and the mission with President Stephanie Mott and Executive Director Dan Brennan.

Talk About Topeka - Laura Burton - Midland Care Midland Care provides comfort to many local residents when they least expect it, and most need it. Chris Schultz discusses their mission with Laura Burton.

2016 Arts Connect - Performing Arts Award - Martinez Hillard Last Minute Folk Topeka Blues Society

Talk About Topeka - Tawny Stottlemire – Community Action Poverty is a big problem that plagues many local residents with anxiety and crime. Tawny Stottlemire, Executive Director of Community Action, paints a picture of our local issues with Chris Schultz. They discuss ways in which community members can get involved and take action with a compassionate heart.

Talk About Topeka - Lalo Muñoz - El Centro of Topeka El Centro of Topeka provides a wide range necessary services to some of our most vulnerable residents. Chris Schultz discusses those services with Executive Director Lalo Muñoz.

Talk About Topeka - Nancy Harms - Midland Care Findables Findables is a great way to turn your shopping habits in to compassionate action for Midland Care. Chris Schultz discusses the store with Nancy Harms.

Talk About Topeka - Susan Cantrell - Topeka Capital-Journal Findables is a great way to turn your shopping habits in to compassionate action for Midland Care. Chris Schultz discusses the store with Nancy Harms.

2016 Arts Connect - Visual Arts Award - "John Holcomb Britta McKee Larry Peters (WINNER)"

Safe Streets Neighborhood Night Out There will many great opportunities to meet our neighbors, sprouting up in over 80 neighborhoods, on August 5th all over the city. Chris Schultz discusses the annual Neighborhood Night Out event with Safe Streets Director Kristi Pankratz.

Talk About Topeka - Vince Frye - DTI Things are really taking off in downtown Topeka! There's even an opportunity for one lucky entrepreneur to realize $100,000 toward the dream of owning their own business. Chris Schultz discusses the curent progress with Vince Frye, President and CEO of Downtown Topeka Inc. #TopekaProud

Check back often for more shows from Gab Local or just visit their website





This website is a prototype for an idea that I have been working on for ten years! It is continually changing and I hope to make this the main site for anyone that wants to find something in Topeka to use.

It is being built with those who live in Topeka and the surrounding area but not limited to them.

There are 4 sections to this website.

  1. The Topeka Newsletter is the first part.  It is going through some major overhaul since most of the information can now be found in a better organized manner on the website.  This is free for any locally owned business to use to promote their business.
  2. The Community Calendar is actually the most important part of this website, right now.  Each community should be informed on what is going on. This doesn't just mean the bar scene. When I say informed, I mean fundraisers, sports, daily food and drink specials, sales, entertainment, recreation and anything else going on.  This calendar tries to include anything that the public is invited to. There is no charge to include your events.  We enter all the events so it saves business owners time. They just need to send us the information and we will take it from there.
  3. Everything Topeka is a plethora of information compiled in a map based program.  Here you can search and find different venues in different categories. You can pick one or all categories to search. This search will not find information that is not on the map though so you will need to use the website search function also. It is free to be listed with a simple profile and an affordable way to enhance your listing.
  4. Everything Else is more businesses that are not listed in the Map feature. There is a guide page that actually will lead you in the right direction.  It is free to be listed with a simple profile and an affordable way to enhance your listing.


We have 2 different search bars.  We use a program called Hot Spot and it does not integrate with the rest of the website at this time.  So you will need to use both places if you can't find what you are looking for.  Search Articles option will search everything but the maps. It even includes the calendar.



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