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2018 - June

ttn logoJune, 2018: Welcome to my latest adventure!

Kim Schultz

It went from weird weather to hot weather! This isn't slowing me down! I am now an internet super star and living the dream!

The View from My NOTO Studio

Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

View from my Studio      18

Barbara Waterman-Peters

We are in the middle of spring although April was cold and pushed it back; now May is too warm and is pulling summer forward. Despite this situation, the calendar gives the same number of days.

And, in a way, quiet days in the studio are like early spring as I work on canvases. At first they are black and white and gray, something like winter. Only when I apply color do they blossom into the new life of spring.

In their early stages my canvases present a monochrome experience, lined up and waiting expectantly like bare trees. Color is not yet applied so little life emanates from their surfaces. But the structure is there, strong and ready for the reemergence of foliage, blooms, and fruit.

I am fortunate to be able to create my own spring, unaffected by the vagaries of the climate, but I do enjoy the ever-changing weather as viewed from my studio.



Trudy L. Waterman is the Featured Artist at STUDIO 831 in June.

“Found Subjects”

With one year of pursuing my masters under my belt, I find myself far removed from a cohesive body of work for this show.  My education is encouraging me to look in numerous directions in my practice and I am taking full advantage of the encouragement.  I do find, however, that I can still rely on my 'found' subjects and this show does just that: exhibits some of my more recent finds.

  090 BARB W ICE 3 17 18 16X24 72 DPI 1280



Kim's Excellent Adventures

Back outside Walking -The weather has just been weird. You never knew what the weather would be and I wasn't getting outside to get my walks in! Finally the weather cooperated! 


Trip to Wichita -  Yes another trip to Wichita! This time I went to meet with a new business owner. I stayed with my high school friend Frank Dorion! I played BINGO with my Aunt Terry, Chad, Frank and his mom plus others! We also went to comic book day, out to eat and the new casino in Mulvane! It was also fun shooting pool with April at Side Pockets! Quick trip but my cousin got off for his first full weekend since he started his new job! You have to make those time count! 

Wichita 1 Wichita 1 Wichita 1 Wichita 1 Wichita 1 Wichita 1 

Meetings- Back to the meetings after tax season ended!! 

Partners in Excellence, I attended most of these Wednesday morning meetings and did the Education meeting on June 16th! I talked about adding relationship marketing to your life! How we need to have all the information before we can make a good proposal for business or anything really!  I also was given quite a few donations to be a part of my talk!

Pie 1 

AWE- I did not make this meeting this month! 

ING Meeting - This month we had our normal meetings and the after hours was at Buffalo Wild Wings! This group just keeps getting bigger and bigger! 


ENGAGE Meeting - We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursdays at AJ Pizza! I did make one of these meetings this month!!

Topeka Growth - This is a referral group. Only one person from each industry can become a member. They are still looking for more members!! It is a fun group at 9 am every Tuesday in the Giant Communication Board Room Downtown!

And our new adventure begins: One May 1, 2018 Robin Block and I decided to become Famous Internet Super Stars! We had a super secret invitation only event to announce our name and mission! May was a wild ride! See below for more information



Dallas Trip - Now that tax season is over, vacation season has started! This year, I have quite a few trips planned!   Dallas included a little bit of work ok a lot of work! I met with my friend Val at his cheesecake shop. He had asked me to do some work on what he needed to do better or even add to his business plan! I came up with a few ideas!  I also bought cheesecake!! We always find locally owned places to eat. This time we found some amazing ice cream! The Sweet House! White Chocolate Chip was DELICOUS! We also at at Wildwood Firewheel Town Center, Mike's Chicken, Ssam Korean Grill, Joe T Garcia's, Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery, Standard Service & Sandwich Hag! If you are in the Rowlett/Dallas/Fort Worth Area these are a mush!!  We also spent an evening at the spa! I love that place!   What I love about traveling is I get to meet even more friends! Bonnie and I spent a girls night watching movies and then went to the pool the next day! We also drove to Fort Worth to eat at Joe T Garcia's. What a cool place! The line was long but the wait was accompanied by margaritas! Robert and I spent a lot of time working on my new website for Social Butterflies from Kansas! So much to learn! We had a great time and I can't wait to go back in November!! 

Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1

Tourism Alliance - We need to work on this! Tourism needs a lot of help in our city! We aren't seeing as many group coming to our city and I personally blame Visit Topeka! They have spent way too much time concentrating on organizing events for people who live here and not going out and trying to get people to visit. This is my personal opinion but I am not alone! I hope something changes with this Topeka Partnership idea! I have worked with Visit Topeka very closely in the past and now, they won't even make eye contact with me. Very mature for people who are paid to promote our city!

Lunch with my friend Helen - Last year, I started using Send Out Cards. They are awesome! My friend Helen had posted a few pictures of her grandkids on Facebook and commented that they would look great on a Hallmark card. I made that happen with Send Out Cards! I noted that we needed to meet for lunch. Upon receipt of the cards, she immediatly contacted me to thank me for the feeling she had when she opened a greeting card. Do you remember that feeling! Well imagine seeing your two precious grandkids on the front of the card! I purchased this for business but use it more for personal use! Click here to send your first card for FREE!

Helen Crow


Topeka Youth Projects Recognition Dinner- This is an awesome event. Young employees and employers are recognized for just being awesome! This year I actaully got to give away a couple awards. Golden Corral catered the meal! I am always excited to be invited to this event! 

Dinner 1 Dinner 1 Dinner 1 Dinner 1  

Kansas City Bus Trip to Lion King the Musical -It is rare that something continues to be so popular and fun! Every trip we have new people and every trip we have 100% satisfaction! Our next trip is Anastasia you can order tickets here:

Dinner 1 Dinner 1 Dinner 1 Dinner 1    

Heartland Motorsports Park NHRA Races - Last year I was sitting in a suite for these races, this year I was catering to the suites for this event! I started working with Aboud's Engroff Catering to help with marketing and other stuff! This weekend I was catering the suites. Walking all those cement stairs is not easy! Being 51 makes it harder! We did have a great team though and we will be back in June! 

NHRA 1    

The Voice - Kyla Jade  - How cool is it that Topeka's very own Kyla Jade made it to the final four competition! They held the last two watch parties at The Break Room! She got third place but that is still amazing!  She came to Topeka for Memorial Day weekend and performed at a street party in front of TPAC!

Voice 1 

Kim & Robins Name Reveal Party -After two weeks of planning the super secret password/invitation only party was finally here! Those two weeks were so long and busy! This is the night where we announced the name of our new adventure! Social Butterflies from Kansas was born!! We can't wait to become Internet super stars! We have a lot of work to do and we hope to help make others internet super stars. Make sure to like our Facebook page and check out our website:  You can sign up for emails and buy Fan gear!! So much more to come!!


VIP 1 VIP 1   SBFK 2


Memorial Day Weekend! - I had no clue what to expect this weekend! Friday night was the Poison concet at Sprint Center, Saturday we went to the pool during the day and then out for dinner with Tom and Chico. Sunday we went to Argosy Casino for a trip to see Sporting KC.  We had a suite with others from the casino.  Monday, I went to the pool at Frankie's for a couple hours and then came back to Topeka to go to Teresa's party at her house! A very full weekend but fun was had by all! 

Memorial 1 Memorial 1 Memorial 1 Memorial 1 Memorial 1 Memorial 1 Memorial 1Memorial 1 

Roadrunner Hockey -I spent 2007-2009 working with the team doing many different things. The biggest thing I did was get people to attend the games! I used social media, connections and persistance to fill the lower bowl! I was excited to see the Lamar Hunt, Jr. purchased the team and that we would finally get an awesome hockey owner! Now to work with Topeka to get them back into the seats!! Big things are about to  happen!!



New Businesses

Gourmet Treats Topeka


The Pennant

915 S. Kansas Avenue

Topeka, Kansas


Sideways Bar Grill

Sideways Bar & Grill

555 SW 39th 

Topeka, KS

Platform 785

929 S Kansas Ave Ste A

Topeka, KS 66603


Vintage Clothing from 1900 - 1980's, focusing on 1940-1960! We always offer treats, tea and jazz while you shop. We are right by the little pocket park with the train platform and BNSF train at 10th and Kansas in Topeka


Essentia Salon & Spa

5900 SW Huntoon St. Ste A2

Topeka, KS 66604



Total Fit Body Boot Camp

 5626 SW 29th St

Topeka, KS 



Gun Garage & Shooting Range

2120 NE Meriden Rd, Topeka, KS 66608




Huscarl Hobbies Games

HUSCARL Hobbies and Games

1930 SW Westport Dr Ste2

Topeka, Kansas


Topeka Pizza
1630 SW Arvonia
Delivery and Takeout! Topeka Pizza is coming this October, right across from Lowes

Pizzeria Via Family Dinin

738 SW Gage Blvd


Pizzeria Via Family Dining offers hand crafted and stone baked pizza, salads, grinders, wraps, wings and we also serve a variety of alcoholic beverages.


Hidden Hill Farms of Kansas

7320 SW Indian Hills Rd

Auburn, KS 66402

COMING in June 2018

Wedding and Event Venue



American Legion Capital Post 1

(37th St)

Sunday: Bingo    5:45   open to the public
Tuesday Bingo   5:45   open to the public
Wednesday  Texas Holdum  6:30 (members & their guest only)
Friday     Texas Holdum 6 & 9 (members & their guest only)

The following are public events

American Legion Post 400 (Hwy 24)

Monday and Thursday - Doors Open - 5:00 PM / Early Bird - 6:30 PM / Regular Bingo - 7:00 PM


Arab Shrine Temple

1305 S Kansas Ave


Capitol BINGO

2050 SE 30th

(785) 266-5532

Wed: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Fri: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Sun: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

These groups donate time and money to the community of Topeka.
Early birds start at 6:30 PM on Wednesday and Friday with regular session starting at 7:00 PM. Early birds start at 6:00 PM on Sunday with regular session starting at 6:30 PM. Pull Tabs and Event Games sold with full concession stand. Doors open at 4:00 PM.


B-I-N-G-O  for Hayden High School

Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at Hayden High School
401 SW Gage, Topeka, KS
Session begins 6:30pm
Minimum of only $7 to play!
Nightly minimum
payout $2,150   to maximum $4,250


VFW Post 1650

3110 SW Huntoon Street, Topeka, KS 66604 



Bring a non-perishable food item for a free speedball bingo sheet






Children 7 years and older welcome with adult

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC     Bring your family and friends to play bingo

Food Kitchen opens at 5:30 p.m.   Courtesy of VFW Auxiliary 


TEL: 785-235-9073



Keith the Critic

Keith VansickleKeith the Critic 









Blockers Film 2018This comedy tells the story of three girls attending their senior prom and preparing for life away from their parents.  Julie Decker, who is played by Kathryn Newton, has been best friends with Kayla (Geraldine Viswanathan) and Sam (Gideon Adlon) since they started kindergarten. 

Julie is in love with her boyfriend and decides that she will lose her virginity on prom night and make it a very special night.  Her friends decide to do the same and make a sex pact.  When their parents find out, they join together to stop them.  Julie's mom, Lisa, who is played by Leslie Mann,  Kayla's dad, Mitchell, who is played by John Cena, and Sam's dad, Hunter, who is played by Ike Barinholtz, will stop at nothing for their daughters. 

I thought that this movie was very entertaining.  The story was really good and fitting for this time of year.  Leslie Mann, Ike Barinhotz,  and John Cena were laugh-out-loud funny and had me laughing so hard, it brought tears to my eyes.  It's not for anyone under 17, so it's appropriately rated R. 

Go see this movie if you need a good belly laugh.  There are several outrageously hilarious scenes.  I gave this movie 3 out of 4 stars. Three out of Four Stars


A Quiet Place

Earth has been overtaken by creatures who attack based on sound.  The Abbot's have worked to sound proof their home and their surroundings in order to survive.  The whole family communicates using sign language.  Lee and Evelyn Abbot, played by JohnA Quiet Place Krasinski and Emily Blunt, are very careful with their children.  Their oldest child, Regan, (Millicent Simmonds) is deaf and Lee is constantly working on something to help her hear. 

Regan is a teenager and tries to help with her brothers, Marcus and youngest brother Beau.  While scavenging in town one day, Beau finds a noisemaking rocket and wants to take it home.  Lee removes the batteries and returns it to the counter.  Regan feels sorry for her brother and gives it back without the batteries.  But when no one is looking, Beau grabs the batteries too.  On the way home, Beau turns on the rocket and sound blares out.  Before Lee can reach him, Beau is attacked and killed by one of the creatures.  That memory stays with the family.

All is good for a while.  Evelyn is expecting a baby and unexpectedly goes into labor while alone in the house.  She must fight to remain quiet to save herself and her family.

John Krasinski not only stars in this movie, but he rewrote the script and directed the film.   He did an unbelievably fantastic job in all three.  His real-life wife, Emily Blunt, was spectacular.  She is such a great actress that she was able to get one of the more challenging scenes in just one take.   Also terrific was Millicent Simmonds who is actually deaf.  Kraskinski wanted a deaf actress to add credibility to the role.  The creatures were well designed and somewhat frightening adding to this tremendous movie. It should be up for nominations for best director and best actress.  I gave this movie 4 out of 4 stars.  I'll see it again because it is so good. Four out of Four Stars


Ready Player One

Ready Player OneThe year is 2045 and the world is very different.  Cities are made up of "stacks' which are house upon house stacked on top of each other.  As a getaway people become part of a video game known as "The Oasis".    It was founded by James Halliday, who is played by Mark Rylance.  Halliday creates a series of challenges to find hidden keys.  The keys will unlock a gate leading to an Easter egg.  The person who finds the egg will have full control of The Oasis as well as a quarter of a trillion dollars. 

People known as "Gunters", which is short for egg hunters, try to master the challenges to find the eggs.  Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) is known as Parzival in the game.  While in The Oasis, people are only known by their character's name.  Parzival teams up with fellow gunters Art3mis (Olivia Cooke), Aech (Lena Waithe), iRok (T.J. Miller), Sho (Philip Zhao), and Daito (Win Morisaki) to finish the challenges one by one.  Together they are known as High Five.  They must find the egg before Nolan Sorrento (Ben Mendelsohn), the CEO of the Innovative Online Industries.  Nolan will destroy The Oasis if given control.

This is the best movie directed by Steven Spielberg in several years.  He created a game and showed how life would be living in the game.  It contained many scenes and characters from actual video games like Jurassic Park,  Batman, Back to the Future, and The Shining.   The set designs wer terrific. 

This is one movie I would recommend seeing in 3D.  The script is outstanding as was the cast.  The pace of the story was just right - never slow.  I gave this movie 4 out of 4 stars. Four out of Four Stars






This Tyler Perry film stars Taraji P. Henson as Melinda Moore-Gayle.  As a young girl  in college, she's struggling.  Running in the rain on campus, she collides with Robert Gayle and papers fly.  Robert ends up with some of Melinda's papers and tracks her down to Acrimonyreturn them and the two begin dating.  When Melinda's mother dies, Robert comes to her house to the dismay of Melinda's sisters.  Their mother left Melinda the house as well as a substantial amount of money.  Robert, however, is poor.  He dreams of making it big with his design of a rechargeable battery.  He struggles to find work since he has a prior felony.  The two marry and Melinda puts him through school and supports him after graduation as he continues to work on his battery. 

Years later the money is gone and the house has been mortgaged.  When the house is about to be foreclosed, Melinda's family puts their business on the line in return for Robert's assistance in their delivery business.   When the wallet of an old girlfriend named Diana is found in one of the trucks, Melinda is furious and divorces Robert.   Soon after, Diana, who is played by Crystle Stewart, helps Robert get a life-changing deal for his battery and all that Robert had promised Melinda now belongs to Diana. 

The only good thing in this movie is Taraji P. Henson and the rest of the cast.  The script was poorly written, the sets looked cheap, and Tyler Perry did a poor job of directing.  Parts of the movie made sense but the story took some wrong turns.  I don't like Tyler Perry movies in general and this one wasn't better.  This movie gets 1 out of 4 stars only because of Taraji P. star



Apathetic Wannabe

Chelsea Howe

Chelsea Ellis








Not everything I do involves drawing. One hobby I became interested in at a very young age was sewing. My mom could sew a button but not much more. My grandma however use to make a lot of my mom's clothes and tons of square dance dresses. I had been given an old sewing maching in middle school and had tried to find classes to show me how to sew. I then ventured to the internet and decided to learn on my own. Sewing came easy to me. The main reason I wanted to learn to sew was to make costumes. My friends and I, loved going to Anime conventions and I wanted to experience the entire convention as it was planned, this would include a costume. My costumes have included, Kim Possible, Rogue, and this year young Elastigirl from The Incredibles. My entire costume is hand made. I even permed and combined two wigs to make the Rogue hair. 

Rogue 2016 Top Con

Chelsea Top Con 2016     Chelsea Top Con 2016 

                                                                                           Picture provided my Marvel Comics

 Elastigirl - Top Con 2017

Elastigirl 2017       Elastigirl 2017  Elastigirl2017

                                                                       Picture Provided by Disney

 Ren Fest Bonner Springs 2016                                                                                 Ren Fest Bonner Springs 2012

 IrishInspiredRenFaire2016      RenFaireGarb2012     

Comic Con Kansas City 2014



Maid Cafe - Comic Con 2013 and 2014

MaidCafe2013  MaidCafe2014



Gab Local


gab local blimp2

Check out the new shows that are being recorded LIVE in the Break Room Studio

Blast from the past


Returning to the stage on June 27 and 28, 2018

New format same great informative show!


tat live tpac

June 27th Line up includes

The Social Butterflies From Kansas - Kim Schultz & Robin Block

Topeka Performing Arts Center - Larry Gawronski

Downtown Topeka Inc. - Vince Frye

Helping Hands Humane Society - Justin Brokar


June 28th Line up includes:

Roaring Rat Films - Gary Piland, Dusty Nichols, David Crawford

Mayors Office - Mayor Michelle De la isla

Pizzeria Via - Joe Bullock

WIBW Radio Super Star - Danielle Norwood

Topeka Zoo - Fawn Moser


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