Kim's Excellent Adventures!

I am actually live in Topeka, I never say, there is nothing to do or I am bored. I miss out on so much stuff!

Annual Camping Trip -  I plan this trip every year so I get to camp at least once! A summer without camping is not summer! This year many people were busy but we still had a great time! Thanks to my friend Mike for letting us tag along on his boat! We had an awesome day on the water in party cove!!

Camp 1 Camp 1  Camp 1 Camp 1Camp 1          

Relationship Marketing Session 1 -  Growing a business is not easy and there are tons of different ways but one of the best ways you can help retain your customers is by using Relationship Marketing! Building a relationship with your customers is ideal and something that is very important! We had two meetings this month and will have more meetings in October. My friend Jeff came into town from South Carolina to lead the meeting! He and I have partnered with a few others to help spread the word on how awesome relationship marketing can be!!

RM 1 RM 1

Ethnic Enrichment Fair (KC) -  Tom, Chico and I had a big weekend! We started Friday night at the Ethnic Enrichment Fair. We sampled many different types of food from around the world, then we went to Jerry's Bait Shop to listen to The Stolen Winnebegos for a couple beers!

Ethnic 1 Ethnic 1 Ethnic 1Ethnic 1

Sand Creeks Summer Daze Festival -  Our friend Greg and his friends thought Newton needed a new festival. He spent a year putting on a three day community event! It was a big project and it seemed to be a success! Tom, Chico and I all went down Saturday and spent the day there. It rained Sunday morning so that day was cancelled. My cousin Chad joined us for the concert that evening. They had Ice Cream eating contest, human fuzzball, golf fish racing, concerts, and other stuff!

Sand Creek 1 Sand Creek 1  Sand Creek 1 Sand Creek 1 Sand Creek 1



August Toes -  Summer is Pedicure season! Nail World does a great job!

August Toes


Meetings- I have tons of them!!

Partners in Excellence, If you want to join a networking meeting, this is a fun one!! Every Wednesday, 9:30 am at Lawyers Title! I hope to see you there sometime!

PIE 1 PIE 1 PIE 1 PIE 1 PIE 1 PIE 1 PIE 1 PIE 1 PIE 1 PIE 1     

AWE- I missed this month since I was in Florida!


ING Meeting - This month, we had too  much fun at this meeting. Great group of people and we networked in between laughs. We meet twice a month. If you would like to attend, let me know!!

ING 1 ING 1 ING 1    

ENGAGE Meeting - You always meetin someone knew at this meeting! We meet 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at AJ's Pizza 11:30 to 12:30.

Engaged 1 Engaged 1 Engaged 1 Engaged 1

Supper Club: Our third supper club was at Blind Tiger. Smal group but delicious food!

Supper Club 1 Supper Club 1


Slash N Bash Film Festival -   I had plans all weekend but I went to Lawrence on Thursday evening to interview the Director of Doomed, Marty Langford. I went back Friday morning for the press conference and we interviewed Debra Voorhees and Marty Langford. We spent the afternoon with them and Leslie Easterbrook.

 Slash Bash 1 Slash Bash 1 Slash Bash 1   Slash Bash 1 Slash Bash 1 Slash Bash 1 Slash Bash 1



Social Butterflies star in Weekly Wednesday Live is not called Trending Tuesday Live - Wednesdays are just too busy so we movied it to Tuesday! Should be around 11 am each day but that will depend on when the business sets up their time! If you are intertested in being a weekly sponsor, give Andrea Ard at A HA Momement Marketing. She can get you on the schedule!  Check out our other page on here to watch all the videos from August.

Florida Vacation - To keep it simple, I went to Florida and my uncle. I arrived on Tuesday and we headed to Disney World on Wednesday for three days! We had our difficulites checking in but the three days with my uncle at Disney was fun! We came back and watched A LOT of Hallmark Channel! I went to the pool and hung out with my cousin David and his family! My vacations are normally relaxing! I don't try to do much! I could have stayed another week if it weren't for work!

Florida 1 Florida 1 Florida 1Florida 1 Florida 1 Florida 1    

Social Butterflies From Kansas closing in on 1000 likes!  -Our goal is to have 1000 likes by October 1, 2018.  That would be 4 months! Now to see if our fans can help us make this goal!  We have a really cool 1000 like vidoe our graphic team made for us!!  We didn't get there by Sept 1 so we extended the goal!

Hairball  - They will be at TPAC on Nov 16th, get your tickets now!! They are a big hair band that dress like many different bands!

BAM! Know why Before You Buy Conference - September 6th at TPAC. Branding Advertising & Marketing for any size business! Sign up now!!

Talk About Topeka LIVE Returns to TPAC - Our next bunch of victims, I mean guests! We have sucha  great time!

TAT 2  TAT 1


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